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Entry #2

* !I'm PUBLISHED! * (trust me, that's sayin' something XD )

2009-09-26 14:51:58 by pocahontis

Yay! Where's the confetti and silly string, fireworks (extinguishers included) and paper party hats?!

I have finished a book. Is that right? I - procratinating queen - have actually managed to FINISH a book I first began on a whim many, many, many (so, so many XD ) years ago?

GAWWWWWHHHH, I think the worlds about to end D8

But just to let you guys know, I'll be posting the majority of book stuff on a different webpage (one that's been floating around the atmosphere of web for a good time span of it's own) in hopes that my DA page won't become a swamp of messages from my inbox overflowing, like I'm sure a lot of writers and such may have.

[Bookstuffs page - Cheque it! 8D ]

p.s. And may that be the first of many books! As I have at least two others kinda, sorta, maybe near completion - of differing subjects : P

[Estore for said book - Traverse! ]

p.s.s. Oh, and because of the total fail of thumbnails provided, I'll also link you guys to the art of the cover before I'd finish it (cause that's all I've got access to right now, anyhow :P)

[ Cover Art! ]


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